Pipe Separator Series 1520 Connection SMS 1146
Pipe Separator Series 1520 Connection SMS 1146

For mounting to Bourdon tube pressure gauges or to pressure transmitters for indirect pressure measurement, specially designed to be connected to fittings used in the food industry. This connection system is also used in other industries. Execution The pipe separator is inseparably fixed with the pressure measuring instrument to a hydraulic measuring unit, either directly, via a cooling element or via a capillary tube of stainless steel. Type of construction: Pipe separator with internal moulded diaphragm manufactured by the patented HAENNI procedure. All parts in stainless steel, welded. Connection Thread socket acc. to SMS 1146. For pipes or other fittings mounted to the separator, a liner connection according to SMS 1147 should be used, which is to be fixed to the round thread of the pipe separator by a union nut (SMS 1148) and a gasket (SMS 1149).

  • Temperature of medium Up to 80°C (1/2 h up to 140°C),
  • other temperature limits (up to 300°C) on request.
  • Hydraulic transmission fluid Glycerine (standard), others on request.
SMS 1146 .pdf A Din 11887 .pdf Screwd ISO .pdf
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