Chemical Seals for Hygienic Pressure Applications
Chemical Seals for Hygienic Pressure Applications

Hygienic seals are designed for systems needing contact surfaces that are rigorously clean and totally safe. The function of the chemical seal is to isolate the pressure gauge from the process fluid, preventing bacteria developing inside the pressure gauge’s sensing element. The fluid pressure being measured acts on the diaphragm and is transmitted to the pressure gauge by a neutral transmitting liquid. The quick release coupling and flush diaphragm facilitate easy cleaning. The following connection systems are offered

  • CLAMP system to NF E 29521, ISO 2852 and DIN 32676 standards
  • NUT system to SMS 1145 standard • NUT system to DIN 11 851 standard • Homogeneizer system • NUT system according to BS 4825 (RTJ-IDF) • Compatible system VARIVENT® • All stainless steel, flush diaphragm
  • Sterilization in place (SIP), cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Fluid temperature up to 150°C depending on pressure, measuring device or mounting.
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