Gauges with electrical contacts
M11 gauges with electrical contacts
Ø 100 - Ø 150 - Ø 160 mm

Based upon the MIX series (Ø 100, 150, 160 mm), the stainless steel gauges M11, M12 and M13 devices are fitted with electrical contact blocks to implement control functions. The contact block is mounted on the dial.

A knob on the window can be used for the adjustments of the set points. All stainless steel (M11, M12, M13) or monel (M41, M42, M43) sensing elements.

  • Explosion-proof housing version
  • For the M13 series and for use in explosive areas,the pressure gauge, with one or 2 inductive contacts, should be used with the amplifying relay RSI 1 or RSI 2. The complete assembly is intrinsically safe, conforming to standards: NF EN 50014 - NF EN 50020
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