MDX 150mm Dial Differential Pressure Gauge
MDX Differential Pressure Gauge The MDX pressure gauge enables measurement of differential pressures from 0 + 0.1 bar (1.5 psi) to 0+25 bar (0+400 psi) at static pressures from 0.6 to 100 bar (1500 psi). A set of two stainless steel bellows mounted on a force balance enables direct reading of the actual differential pressure. Each bellow of the pressure gauge can withstand the full static pressure without any damage or shifting being caused to the instrument for P ≤ 25 bar (400 psi); a by-pass valve is not necessary. The MDA pressure gauge enables measurement of absolute pressures (from 0.1 bar A to 16 bar A). The low pressure bellow (where vacuum has been drawn) is used as reference. (Not for differential pressures). The MDE pressure gauge enables measurement of gauge pressures with high overpressures (from 0 + 0.06 bar G to 0 + 10 bar G). (Not for differential pressures).
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