RTT Temperature switches
RTT Temperature switches

Operating principle Temperature switches of the RTTA, RTTN and RTTE series are designed to maintain a constant temperature around a chosen preset value, "Regulatory Function", or actuate an alarm or safety circuit when the temperature being monitored reaches a critical level, "Safety Function".

All industrial environments All fluids One or two set points Copper/stainless steel RTTA or stainless steel/stainless steel RTTN and RTTE

  • Intrinsically safe version EEx ia IIC T6, LCIE certificate N° 88 B 6081 X. This construction is to be used only with other intrinsically safe instruments and control systems.
  • Version ADF, EEx d II C T6, L.C.I.E. certificate N° 81 6057
  • Stainless steel version for aggressive fluids, marine version, electronuclear version
  • Conform to the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/ CEE and n°93/68/CEE), CE marked
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