T11 Electrical contact thermometers
T11 Electrical contact thermometersr

Ø 100 - Ø 150 - Ø 160 mm

Derived from the TXA thermometers of nominal diameter 100, 150 and 160, of which they possess all the characteristics, the T11, T12, T13 are instruments equiped with electrical contact blocks enabling all contact combinations. The contact block is fastened to the dial. A reset knob with indicator is provided to set the trip points.

  • Explosion-proof case version.
  • For the T13 series and for use in explosive areas,the thermometer, with one or 2 inductive contacts, should be used with the amplifying relay RSI 1 or RSI 2. The complete assembly is intrinsically safe, conforming to standards :NF EN 50014 - NF EN 50020
  • CES: dry contact : CESA dry contact with magnet CEI inductive contact
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