E813 Pressure Transmitter / Gauge
E813 Pressure Transmitter / Gauge This measuring device is used in applications requiring both local (and visual) and remote controls. With its various options of pressure ports, the E 813 and E833 can be used in a large number of industrial environments.

The E813/E833 series, based upon the TRANSBAR® technology with associated electronics, feature both a 4-20 mA pressure transmitter and a pressure gauge fitted with LCD display. The devices are protected against polarity reversal.

  • Industrial applications (E813/Y813)
  • Process, Food processing and pharmaceutical applications (E833/Y833)
  • High accuracy
  • Local measurement and remote transmission.
  • Intrinsically safe version : LCIE certificate EEx ia IIC T5
  • Conforms to CE (European directive 89/336/CEE).
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