E910 Pressure Transmitter
E910 Pressure Transmitter Stainless steel transmitters intended for extremely diverse industrial applications: control of fluid flow, incorporation into equipment, continuous monitoring of fluid pressure, etc. Based on TRANSBAR® ceramic technology, these transmitters are compatible with the majority of process fluids.
  • Measurement of vacuum, absolute or gauge pressure
  • Zero adjustment as standard (±10% of range)
  • Welded construction – reinforced product
  • Modularity of electrical and hydraulic connections
  • Conforms to European EMC Directive, CE marked
  • Highly resistant to severe process conditions ( 10 x7 pressure cycles)
  • Intrinsically safe versions (Y910) : LCIE 99-E6074X certificate; EEX ia IIC T6 or T5 approval
  • Marine version (Bureau Veritas, DNV ...)
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