E930 Pressure Transmitter
E930 Pressure Transmitter The hygiene flush diaphragm transmitters of the E930/Y930 series are ideally suited to fulfill the pressure measurement requirements of the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries among others. The cleanliness requirements of the food processing industry have dictated the hygienic design of these transmitters. They can also withstand without damage the various cleaning phases specific to these industries : sterilizing cycles, autoclaving and steam flushing. TRANSBAR® ceramic technology
  • Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) flush diaphragm
  • Measurement of vacuum, absolute or gauge pressure
  • Zero adjustment as standard (±10% of range)
  • Welded construction reinforced product
  • Various types of pressure ports : CLAMP, SMS, DIN , or homogeneizer (0+60 to 0+400 bar)
  • Modularity of electrical and hydraulic connections
  • Conforms to European EMC Directive, CE marked
  • Highly resistant to severe process conditions
  • Intrinsically safe versions (Y930) : LCIE 99-E6074X certificate: EEX ia IIC T6 or T5 approval 3A approval (option)
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