EDD575 Differential Pressure Transmitter
EDD575 Differential Pressure Transmitter The EDD575 differential pressure transmitter accurately measures differential pressure and transmits a 4...20mA/ HART® signal based on linear output or square root (FKK). 0.1% accuracy for all configured spans is the standard feature covering differential ranges from 0.0375 bar to 20 bar. The micro-capacitance silicon sensor element assures this accuracy for all elevated or suppressed measuring ranges without additional adjustment. Silicon has great mechanical properties, such as no hysteresis featuring an excellent repeatability.
  • Turn Down up to 1:16 Accuracy better than 0.1% High long term stability
  • Diff. pressure range 3.75 mbar...20 bar Line pressure up to 140 bar
  • HART® communication Zero adjustment Damping
  • Robust and modular design
  • Square root output (FKK) Linearisation table (FKK)
  • Analogue or digital display (Option)
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