EG51/E801/EMD1/EG101 Pressure Transducers
EG51/E801/EMD1/EG101 Pressure Transducers EMD1: The combination of bonded foil stain gauges to a quasi flush diaphragm eliminates friction phenomena, and results in high life cycle, high frequency response, infinite resolution.
  • Flush diaphragm - Bonded foil strain gauges - All stainless steel
  • High natural frequency - Internal calibration - Small size

EG51: This high pressure transducer has been specially designed to withstand severe industrial applications, where ruggedness is an essential criterium. Its monolithic stainless steel body is equipped with bonded foil metallic strain gages. The high pressure tightness is achieved by metal to metal conic gauges contact.

  • From 0 - 500 up to 0 - 5000 bar
  • Severe environmental conditions - All stainless steel

E101-E111: These pressure transducers are based on a TRANSBAR® sensitive element, with ceramic membrane, temperature compensated (E111). They are compatible with the most corrosive fluids. Ceramic TRANSBAR® sensing element.

E801-EY81: A stainless steel monolithic proof body, a cable output on overmoulded cover ensures a resiliency allowing to use them in an industrial environment. All stainless steel - Monolithic proof body. - Intrinsically safe version - Approval: EEx ia IIC T6.

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