FlexBar HRT Pressure Transmitter
FlexBar HRT Pressure Transmitter FlexBar HRT is a loop powered, configurable pressure transmitter. FlexBar HRT measures the pressure by means of a polysilicon strain gauge sensor. The electronics are separated from the media by a thin diaphragm and an oil-filling. Three different oil fillings are available including a mineral oil complying with demands from FDA for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • 4...20 mA, 2-wire transmitter, HART® communication
  • Configurable span, unit and damping Turn down 25:1
  • Zero point adjustment
  • 2-point calibration
  • -1(0)...400 bar
  • Gauge or absolute pressure
  • 400% overpressure safety limit
  • Hygienic process connections
  • EEx ia IIC T5/T6, ATEX II 1G Ex N IIC T5/T6
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