TRANSBAR® Pressure Sensors
TRANSBAR® Pressure Sensors The TRANSBAR® technology is a spin off of the thick film technology used worldwide to produce so called «hybrid electronic circuits». Patterns of conductive and resistive pasts, or «inks», are deposited on a substrate, generally ceramics, using screen printing techniques. The uniqueness of the TRANSBAR® technology is to use the piezoresistive characteristics of specific resistive inks, i.e. the fact that their resistance values vary when submitted to dimensional changes. These resistors, called strain gauges, judiciously positioned on the deformable structure (diaphragm), are connected together in a four arms Wheatstone bridge configuration. A regulated voltage source is connected to one diagonal of the bridge. A pressure applied to the diaphragm will deform it and therefore unbalance the bridge, resulting in an electrical signal, on the other diagonal of the bridge, proportional to the applied pressure. This low level signal, some mV., will have to be amplified to a suitable level to be connected to a display, controller, recorder, PLC or whatever required peripheric equipment. Constructed entirely of ceramics (Al203, 96 %), comparable to a cristal, these sensors have a quasi perfect mechanical behaviour : good linearity, low hysteresis. They can withstand tens of millions of cycles. Chemically inert, ceramics accepts most industrial media, even aggressive ones. Their simple geometry allows their easy integration in OEM’s mechanical structures. The field of their applications is very wide, from basic research to general industry.
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